Health and Motivation Videos

Originally I started going on YouTube to find resources about self-healing through diet, at a time when I was experiencing some health issues I was told were lifelong and incurable through lifestyle alone. I was amazed how much life-changing information there was and decided I too wanted to share my experiences in case it might help others in some way. One of the first videos I made was My Vegan Story, which basically summarizes my entire life/health journey.

An addition to my own experience on a plant-based lifestyle, I make general lifestyle Vlogs documenting my life in a fun and unique way. There's usually dancing, laughing, and profound ideas shared in a way that I hope injects some positivity into your day.

And there's videos where I share tips about living a spiritual life in the modern day.

Videos documenting minimalism, health living, or waste reduction challenges such as this 7 days of downsizing, that you can either simply enjoy watching or do with me!

You can expect an abundance of enthusiasm on a variety topics across all categories health, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, and any aspect of positive individual or social change. To stay relevant, this requires a steady stream of new ideas, please feel free to contact me using this form if you're a viewer that has a video request or creator that has a collaboration inquiry.

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