A Commitment to Sacred Sharing

When I sit down to write, sometimes it’s as if what I have on the top of my mind is not good enough, like the creativity I’m working with at that moment isn’t enough. Like I won’t have anything good enough to think, say or write. The hysteria is compounded by the fact that I’m writing on a word processor, with the option of unlimited edits, and an endless number of second-guesses. Part of me wants to go back to a time when words were finalized like stone as soon as the fingers pressed down on the cold metal keys of the typewriter.

There was no sensible way to turn around. There was no going back. And even if there was, it wouldn’t be worth it. I imagine, this bred a sort of certainty within the writer, so that he or she would know that as soon as the fingers hit the key, whatever came out would be worthy of a final product.

My intuition though, is to simplify my creative process, and optimize for output. So that I can bring you a blog post more often, a podcast more often, and youtube videos more often, uncluttered by the many stages of second guessing that usually take place within my creative process. What would my work look like if it didn’t carry the energy of not-good-enough?

That uncertainty is felt by the reader and I’m sure as you read this now you feel the opposite, a stone cold, sober certainty that screams a clear message. The certainty I feel screams words that, if i spoke them would seem arrogant and not humble. My current mood speaks a message that’s louder than any combination of words I could type here on this page.

These updates have been longing to be made by me. Here they are. I hope the message has been received loud and clear. I know that if I show up a given times, that my creative process will unfold in a beautiful manner, producing results that will blow minds.

I believe that we all have the power to change each other’s lives by doing what we naturally know how to do. I feel the power when I write blog posts, songs, and do other sorts of expressions that are natural to me.

I used to cringe over this process but now, I will focus on giving more. I want to give my all to anyone reading. If they’ve attracted my website, my message, and my words, then it’s my duty to show up for them. Clearly my message is needed by some and possibly many.

I look forward to communicating more frequently and with less baggage, my message of uplifting love and growth. Under these new terms of commitment, I release myself to the journey of unlimited expression without attachment to how it sounds, how it looks, and what the people think. I take stock in all of that, and use it as positive fuel to make my message better and more relatable but I will never let the absence of a large following or the presence of criticism get in the way of my sharing.

To the sacred sharing.