Check out this video, from my old channel, summarizing my journey to a plant-based lifestyle and how it, along with a few other key lifestyle changes, revolutionized my life and cured my ailments.

SUMMER 2010 

St Maarten, Netherlands

20 y/o


My health Journey begins:

Alone and sick to my stomach on a flight home from a tropical island, having just left a family vacation early, I was curled over in my seat, dealing with the discomfort of an unknown ailment on top of the built in discomfort of being crammed into a pressurized cabin, hurtling through the troposphere at 500 knots while experiencing “rough air.” I like how they switched from calling it turbulence to "rough air," thinking this softens the psychological blow. 


Oh, and if you don’t speak knots? That’s 600 mph.

Looking back, the pain I would experience over the next few months was worth it, because It sparked a journey, the destination being self-care. The answers I got when I arrived home, shocked me into asking an important question; what can I do to turn this around? I hadn't contracted some communicable disease from drinking tainted water, I hadn't eaten or drunk something funny, which was both the problem and the solution. I hadn't eaten or drunken anything unusual. Just beer, wine, burgers and fries, and the other foods everyone around was eating, the ones I always did.

I thought the problem might be that i DID eat something funny but in fact it was because I HADN'T been eating anything outside the Standard American norm for my whole life, and it was catching up to me.


Throughout this journey I would go from 


-healthcare to health autonomy

-medical intervention to lifestyle as medicine

-low to extraordinary body awareness

-standard American (SAD) diet to plant-based diet


A whole list of other things that are probably not unrelated to my mid-air health reckoning, and the succeeding lifestyle revolution that would take place.