Human Beings of Service

Small budget, big impact.

Service projects that require little to no resources or funding, that can be replicated in any community. Crowdfunded community projects that address a need such as food insecurity

As pictured above, one of our projects revolves around the most famous sandwich of all time, the PB & J. We turn hundreds of dollars of food donations into hundreds of meals for the home-free. The format is simple and allows us us to apply crowdfunding, the popular fundraising approach that distributes the cost of a project out the community by relying on many small monetary donations. In our case, it's a loaf of bread or a jar of peanut butter. 


This format allows us to set up shop with no prior planning and come out with enough resources to satisfy the needs of the project. All while minimizing the need for predatory and time-consuming fundraising tactics (usually we've reached capacity in 45 minutes or less), or overburdening any one individual. As you can see, we always come out with enough for several full days of sandwich making and delivery, and usually enough leftovers for next time.

By integrating  the fundraising with the actual outreach itself, we not only allow everyone donating to feel a part of the project, but we also reduce the amount behind-the-scenes desk-work needed to fuel the project, allowing us to dedicate nearly all of our time to impact.