What is Top Self Development?
Who is Tim Brogan?
You have questions.
First, I have one.


It's your last day to live. And you know it. You have an interview. This is your one and only chance to leave your story behind. What are you going to say?


Let me tell a little about myself to help you onboard.

I've always been searching for the most comprehensive answers to how I can live best with choices I have in front of me: how to stay true in an edited world. What are the social dynamics underpinning all interactions that I can study to best understand how to serve others? What common pathways to success become obvious when I deconstruct the lives of my role models. I've learned to always ask questions in order to anticipate challenges and sidestep common mistakes, if possible. 


Do you ever find yourself focusing on what you don't have or what's yet to be done? I know how you can reframe this and instead plan a strategy to leverage what you do have. You were born with natural assets. I can help you strengthen your mentality, which will result in you expressing your life's purpose. Once you come to understand why you are here, I hope to guide you to creating a lifestyle around that why. When your why comes into full bloom, you can take it one step further and create a living around it.


My core strategy revolves around gratitude practices that can help you feel content at every step along your journey and shed the things-undone-focus. To emphasize why this is important, will you try something with me? Look around whatever space you're in and notice all of the things that are blue. Objects, articles of clothing, cars, accents on the wall, coffee cups, and carabiners. Whatever. Just notice everything that's blue. Now close your eyes for a brief moment and tell me all the things you saw that were red? 

Ok open your eyes and now look for all the things that are red. I bet you noticed a lot of things you didn't even see were there the first time.

We get what we look for. In fact, we will go out of our way to notice things, just to feel successful. Example: did you see any things that were burgundy and called them red just to feel successful?


What you just experienced was the effect of being in the receptive state, which is when you're aware of the opportunities for advancement that are readily available, all the time, because you are looking for them. 


Back in Elementary school, my journal entries were like entries in Little Timothy's Book Of Zen. Recently I found one of these entries while going through some of my old stuff in the basement.

Separated by my 2nd grade attempt at a straight vertical line line down the length of a composition journal page was a "pros" column and the "cons" column. The decision making tool was being used to determine whether or not we'd want to live living forever.

I had only one entry in each column. The pro of living forever, I wrote, is that "you get to do everything." The con, "I wrote is that "you will have done everything." I must have been satisfied that no more needed to be said on the subject, because I put the pencil down there.

Here I am, in second grade, slicing open the writing prompt and unveiling the deeper truth. That truth is that there is no truth, everything is a paradox, everything is what you make of it, and that are attempt to differentiate the world into binary categories--good/bad, weird/normal, right/wrong, etc--is the root cause of most suffering.


I continue to shock and amaze myself every day with the the power in my ideas.  I believe that we all have incredible ideas worth sharing. I believe you have incredible ideas worth sharing. I believe you are led by an internal guidance system that knows exactly how to share your ideas.


In attempting to answer the question myself, in my last interview, what would I say to convey WHY I had lived, I would say I lived to make people smile, to communicate honestly, to advance compassion, to remain calm, and to carry out my life's work with clarity.

I ask myself the question daily, "Why Am I?"

Why am I here?" 

Why I am the way I am? 


And it always sets me up to answer the important questions. "I'm here to be of service." OK, so now that I know why, I'll think about how, "how am I going to be of service." My service lies in showing people their truth.

It comes down to one simple idea; that everyone is meant to live an extraordinary life.

One full heart and never apart,


    Tim Brogan