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About Tim

Tim Brogan is a 28 year old social entrepreneur whose mission is to bring  out the best in others through his creative projects, YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social mediums. His career started as an Environmental Educator (which consisted of traveling the country doing stint-based jobs with conservation groups and outdoor schools). After making a mark on the outdoor industry, Tim decided to morph his teaching to better fit his evolving interests, which grew to include plant-based nutrition and wellness. Leveraging the skillset of teaching adolescents, he began leading juicing and blending demonstrations at church Youth Groups to highlight the importance of starting healthy habits young. Tim is now a consultant for people ready to bring their health and purpose into full bloom. Tim is also the leader of San Diego based Free Listening Project, which aims to spread a ripple effect of kindness, starting with the simple act of listening. The catch phrase of the project is 👂 "hear for you." Feeling ready to join Tim in figuring out your purpose and sharing it with clarity?

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